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With two sizes and three rental periods available, mailbox rentals are a convenient and secure way to have an alternative delivery location other than your home. From snail mail to courier packages, whether it’s for your business or personal use, we have a mailbox that will fit your needs and budget. Out mailboxes include key and call in mail verification. See below for more details!


  1. Safe, secure business address.
  2. Suite # for courier delivery.
  3. The security of not having your home address on your business printing.
  4. Rural residents can get a Calgary address.

Rental Periods:

  1. 3 month
  2. 6 month
  3. 1 year

All Rentals Include:

  1. Initial key
  2. Call in mail verification: Don’t make a trip unless you have something to get!
  3. Parcel reception: We don’t charge extra for receiving your courier parcels.

NOTE: We do not have the ability to receive packages larger than 20″x20″x20″ or freight.

Mailbox Sizes and Pricing:

Regular Box: Front opening 3″ x 4 ” and 13″ deep.

  1. 3 month $99
  2. 6 months $129
  3. 1 year $159

Business¬†Box: Front opening 4″ x 5″ and 13″ deep.

  1. 3-month $119
  2. 6-month $139
  3. 1-year $169

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